2023- ongoing

An open wound often leaves great pain in a person. “Sa Alaala nila Lola (in memories of grandmothers), is a series of photographic images that heal an open wound of losing loved ones. Through photographic medium--staging and recreation proving the photograph’s power as evidence of existence. Though it may have lost some senses, it still holds the memories that others can hold on to. Hipol revisits his memories of his grandmothers, one whom he grew up with and one whose distant away. He grounds himself on the soil where his grandmothers are now. The soil stands the ground of roots and growth, and this forms reconnection. So far from the geographical location, Hipol reconnects his memories through practices and gestures he had interacted with his grandmothers. For example, Hipol wears a floral dress like Grandmother Clarita and a shirt from her Grandmother Lourdes. He hopes to use these images to reflect on his relationship with his grandmothers and conceal the wound of not having a proper farewell to them before they passed away.